Massage Services & Prices | Liberty Lake

Enjoy the following massage services at our Liberty Lake Location


Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue & Sports Massage Services

30 min $35.00
60 min $60.00
90 min $80.00
A classic Swedish style, ideal for providing relaxation, stress reduction and an overall feeling of well being. Muscle specific deep pressure. Stretching/elongating tight and overused muscles from your favorite activities.

 Cupping Massage

75 min $70.00

An experience worth checking out! Olympic athletes drew much attention to this ancient Chinese art. At its core, massage cupping is a myofascial release technique.

Pregnancy/Side-Lying Massage

 60 min $60.00
A treatment for our expectant mothers or for anyone who is more comfortable lying on their side! Bolstered with pillows galore, you can still enjoy a full-body massage!
Punch Cards
(3) 60 min $165.00
(5) 60 min $275.00
(10) 60 min $550.00


Give the gift of relaxation to someone you love. Or even, to yourself. Take advantage of our massage services to rejuvenate and recharge after a stressful day or week. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday living and enjoy some stress-free time.